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Our nail polish goes beyond colors towards a cleaner nail beauty, to go along with our eco-friendly lifestyle. Our products are vegan and from France.

Our mission? See life in colors and makes nail polish part of a more conscious type of beauty: starring our exclusive collections: PURE color, BB nail and Essentials!


Totalement nouveau sur le marché : une manucure sans odeur, ultra responsable et 100% couleurs ! Nos supers vernis à ongles formulés à l’eau ne partent pas en se lavant les mains, ils s’enlèvent avec du dissolvant.

Par ici les vernis!


pure color


A bio-based manicure to go with a greener lifestyle, it’s possible ? Yes !!! Thanks to plant-based solvents and natural origin raw materials. Results: a long-lasting nail polish that is 15 “FREE”.

colors this way!


Because your hands say so much about you, nailmatic has created a special polish to give you a healthy look right down your fingertips. Thanks to its blurring effect which hides imperfections, BB nail is for chic and super simple manicure. 15 “FREE”, bio-based ingredients, your hands will loved the idea!

Let’s get natural

BB nail



Essential must-haves! This is our shortlist for pampered, strong and happy nails! Time to treat yourself and your hands...

I need them !

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