Double sided mint nail file kit

Give your weekly mani routine a color boost! Our cute mint nail file does the trick in a few gentle file strokes. Pretty handy in case of splitting nails: keep one in the office, one at home and one in your bag.


Double sided 180 / 240 grits mint nail file: 
- Shape: achieve the perfect length and shape with the coarser side of the file. 
- Finish: fine grain for smooth edges. Ideal for dealing with scratches. 
- For natural nails only. 
- Dimensions: 17,8cm x 1,9cm.  

2 tender wood sticks cuticle pushers
Never cut your cuticles, moisturise them and push them nicely.
Length: 15cm.

Precise shaping
- Flexible: works smoothly without damaging your nails.
- Lightweight, easy to handle.
- Smoothen the sharp and rough edge easily.

How to file your nails correctly?
1- Advised frequency: once a week. 
2- Use high quality (not over-used) material only. Better doing nothing than file your nails using crappy material. 
3- Prevent nail splitting: don’t saw back and forth, no exception. Start at the side of the nail and file towards the center.  
4- Choose sides, ladies: rounded, square or almond? Your call. Just try to respect the natural shape of your tips, harmony is the key. 
5- Choose length regarding your everyday activities. If your hands are quite busy, long nails won’t last. 
6- Follow our nailmatic expert chic tip: always file a little shorter than planned.