BB nail

bb nail

Made from 84% bio-based ingredients, vegan, 15-free, this satin-finish base grips pigment and is perfect under pastel polishes.

We created three shades of BB nail for a natural finish to match your skin tone.

BB nail, foundation for your nails.

A nailmatic innovation, BB nail is a true nail foundation, our precious secret manicure weapon for beautified nails with a natural finish. High coverage texture with a natural satin finish.
Nude nail goals guaranteed with three shades to suit all skin tones !


How does it work? This beauty miracle is all down to Porcelain Flower, a highly-covetable plant extract for nude cosmetics.
Enriched with plant keratin and starflower oil for added hydration.

Bio-based 15 free polish

This nail-friendly precious liquid is made from 84% bio-based ingredients. Made from raw materials such as potato, cotton and manioc. We’ve also waved goodbye to all of these mean nasty ingredients: paraben, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, xylene, styrene, camphor, resin of formaldehyde, benzophenone-1 and nanoparticles.

BB nail beauty rules

It creates a natural finish with just one coat. For a more polished finish, knock yourself out with a second coat.

Very simple, Mega simple: you can apply BB Nail at the edge of the table or during your coffee break.

One coat is enough, two will give a sophisticated final touch.
No top coat required: it would ruin the «nude» effect!
Best tip: stunning effect under pastel colours.

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